Corporate greed should never outweigh what’s right for you and your family.

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This area of law pertains to companies that develop or otherwise make available products to the public and are held liable for any injury that is a result of the products used by an individual.


The attorneys at Hendy | Johnson | Vaughn | Emery have fought against large corporations that sell products such as Yaz, Essure birth control, Androgel (a testosterone replacement supplement), and Pradaxa. Not only did we fight for individuals effected by these products, but we also won some of the largest settlements in our firm’s history. The Pradaxa settlement came out to be a very deserving $650,000,000 that then helped over 4,500 families nationwide!

Auto Collision Injury Lawyer

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“Navigating the legal system against large corporate interests can be challenging, but I have taken on “big pharma” on behalf of large groups of individuals many times. I’m always ready to do the same for you and other who have been misguided or taken advantage of by way of defective drugs and/or medical devices.”

– Ronald Johnson

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