Safety Tips for Driving in Construction Zones Around Louisville, KY

Car Accidents | June 3, 2021

Roadside construction is a necessary risk in Kentucky. Highway construction zones are unavoidable to repair damaged roads and keep them safe. While a construction project is ongoing, however, drivers can be at risk of car accidents related to the work zone itself. As summertime arrives and more construction projects begin in Kentucky, follow these safety…

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What Documents Are Needed for a Car Accident Claim in Louisville?

Car Accidents | April 29, 2021

A car accident claim in Louisville, Kentucky seeks to hold one or more parties financially responsible (liable) for the crash. This means making that person’s insurance company pay for a victim’s medical bills, property repairs and other losses. Before you can recover financial compensation, you or your car accident attorney must prove fault. A key…

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Can Passengers Be Liable for Car Accidents?

Car Accidents | April 27, 2021

Liability, or financial responsibility, for a car accident generally goes to one of the two drivers involved. It is a driver’s duty to safely and properly control a motor vehicle. In rare circumstances, however, fault and liability can go to a passenger. In this scenario, the passenger’s insurance company may have to pay for damages….

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Study: Motor Vehicle Crashes on Kentucky Derby Weekends

Louisville,News | April 26, 2021

*The map above is interactive and displays all collisions in Lousiville on Kentucky Derby weekend over five years. ***POST DERBY UPDATE:  According to data reported to the Kentucky State Police, there were only 55 motor vehicle collisions during the Kentucky Derby Weekend in 2021 – that is nearly 64 percent fewer crashes than the five-year…

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