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Kentucky Motorcycle Helmet Laws

Motorcycle Accidents | February 5, 2023

If you operate or ride on a motorcycle in Kentucky, you need to know the state’s motorcycle helmet laws to avoid getting into legal trouble. You could face a fine if you are caught riding a motorcycle without a helmet as a mandatory wearer. Regardless of whether your state requires the use of a motorcycle…

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Who Can File a Wrongful Death Lawsuit in Kentucky?

Wrongful Death | January 30, 2023

Losing a loved one is devastating. Receiving this news can stop your life in its tracks. When you learn more about the circumstances of the death, you may have questions or suspicions about the fault of another person or party. If you believe that someone else’s negligent or reckless behaviors caused your loved one’s death,…

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What Damages Can I Recover in a Wrongful Death Case?

Wrongful Death | January 10, 2023

The last thing your family may want to deal with after the tragic loss of a loved one’s life is a legal claim. Pursuing a wrongful death action, however, can bring your loved one justice and your family closure. It can also result in damages, or financial compensation, being paid for related costs and losses….

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Who Is Liable for a Wrong-Site Surgery?

Medical Malpractice | November 28, 2022

Undergoing surgery is daunting in the best of circumstances. If you find out post-operation that your surgeon operated on the wrong site, you may not know where to turn for answers or advice. Filing a medical malpractice lawsuit in Kentucky with help from an experienced attorney can allow you to hold the negligent party or…

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What to Do If You Were Prescribed the Wrong Medication

Medical Malpractice | November 9, 2022

If you are one of the millions of people who rely on their prescription medications to manage a health condition or alleviate your symptoms, you know how dangerous it is to take the wrong drug. The incorrect medication could have an adverse interaction with another drug you are taking, while the absence of the medication…

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What Types of Damages Can I Seek in a Birth Injury Claim?

Birth Injury | August 26, 2022

A birth injury is the last thing that parents expect to happen when welcoming a new baby. Unfortunately, doctors and OBGYNs can make dangerous mistakes and lapses in judgment that put infants’ lives at risk during pregnancy, labor and delivery. While nothing can ever right this terrible wrong, obtaining fair financial compensation (damages) from the…

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