How to Pick the Right Personal Injury Attorney

Personal Injury | August 4, 2023

If you get injured in a preventable accident in Louisville, Kentucky, hiring an attorney can make all the difference to your personal injury case against a negligent party. It is critical, however, to pick the right Louisville personal injury attorneys. This requires an understanding of how to find the best possible legal representation for you and your case.

Referrals From Others

If you ask around, it may surprise you to find how many of your friends, family members and coworkers have had to hire a personal injury lawyer. Ask if people you know have referrals for a lawyer near you. If you already have a lawyer for something other than personal injury law (such as a business attorney or divorce lawyer), ask for a referral to a personal injury law firm in Louisville. Referrals from people you trust are a great start to your personal injury lawyer search.

Experience in Your Type of Case

You need a personal injury attorney who has at least several years of experience handling your type of case. Every type of personal injury case comes with different laws, statutes and potential challenges. A car accident case, for example, is very different from a premises liability claim. The attorney you hire should have an in-depth understanding of the nuances of your particular type of case and know how to navigate them on your behalf. Ask an attorney if he or she takes your specific kind of case – and if so, how many of these cases he or she has successfully litigated in the past.

Real Case Results

Ask about the attorney’s track record and success rate. While a history of achieving positive past case results does not guarantee future successes, it can show you that the lawyer and law firm have what it takes to win personal injury cases. This will also be true for insurance companies; hiring a law firm with a history of winning settlements and verdicts at trial can show an insurance company that your lawyer means business”¦and won’t stop until you recover fair compensation.

Affordable Fees

Ask directly how the law firm handles case fees and how much your case is likely to cost before you sign on with a lawyer. Look for a law firm that operates on a contingency fee basis. This means the law firm will charge no upfront fees; you will pay $0 unless the lawyer secures you financial compensation. If your lawyer does settle the matter out of court or obtain a positive jury verdict, you will pay the lawyer a certain percentage of the money received. With this arrangement, you never have to pay the lawyer out of pocket.

Good Communication

Finally, look for a lawyer who prioritizes communication and customer service. You should not struggle to get in touch with your attorney for a conversation about the status of your case. The law firm should have multiple ways for you to contact your lawyer and maintain reliable communication throughout the legal process. Furthermore, your case should be handled by the attorney you meet with in the beginning, not passed off to a paralegal or assistant.

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