Why is Veteran Affairs knowingly hiring medical staff that have shown a history of malpractice & misconduct?

Medical Malpractice | January 3, 2018

Veteran Affairs has often found itself underfunded, overlooked, and mistreated over the years but to what extent has this negligence gone to? These are people who fought for everything we have today, gave up prime years of their life, and were paid very little to do so, yet they still resonate patriotism on a level unlike most Americans. So it’s shocking to hear that there have been multiple reports regarding the Va hiring medical staff with numerous infractions involving malpractice, misconduct, and even sexual harassment. Though, the reports discovered are only a sliver of what hides beneath the crust, it makes one scratch their head at what really is going on. Our veterans have earned the right to receive excellent health care and shouldn’t be subjected to substandard health services our federal government provides, but thanks to incredible journalism conducted by Donovan Slack from USA TODAY, we’re able to shed some light on these gruesome discoveries.

John Schneider, a Wyoming based neurosurgeon received multiple claims of malpractice before having his license revoked in the state of Wyoming. Dozens of patients were left paralyzed, suffering from chronic pain, and left the hospital worse than when they entered. Yet, when applying to the Veteran Affairs in Iowa City, Iowa, the medical review board found it necessary to hire an individual who has hurt multiple veterans in his years of practice. The man paralyzed at least 4 individuals and was found guilty of performing procedures while actively demonstrating negligence and using methodologies that placed his patients in danger. Inspecting his previous infractions, an average person could conclude that Schneider was not fit to operate on the general public, much less the heroes of our country, though a medically trained group of professionals found he was competent. This begs the question, does the VA medical review board possess the level of competency needed to hire medical staff? Keep in mind that this is just one of many common mistakes that the VA seems to sweep under the rug. In the investigative report delivered by USA Today, it stipulates that the VA has had a history of malpractice and misconduct going back years that haven’t been reported until now.

A psychiatrist in Oklahoma was knowingly hired by the VA with a history of sexual misconduct. Stephen Greer had been found guilty of having sexual relations with one of his patients. He then was fired from the VA due to another claim of sexual misconduct that Greer eventually pleaded guilty to witness tampering.

Yet again, another casualty of the VA’s ability to properly vet their medically trained staff. Though Veteran Affairs spokesman, Curt Cashour, claims “incorrect guidance” is the justifiable reason for hiring medical staff like Schneider. This is being said after already having knowledge of Schneider’s gross misconduct that lead to Russel Monacco’s death due to ill-informed prescribing. Schneider lost the wrongful death suit that Monaccos wife filed against him and the hospital which lead to his license being revoked. Please keep in mind, the VA found him fit to operate again, which lead to even more patients suffering from injuries.

There are hundreds of cases just like the ones listed above that go by unnoticed every year. It seems to be clear that Veteran Affairs demonstrates a pattern of negligence that ultimately effects people that have fought to maintain freedom and prosperity in our country.

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