What to know when driving next to a Semi-Truck

Library Articles | December 4, 2017

If you’ve ever driven in or around Kentucky, Ohio, or Indiana, then you’ve most certainly been in contact with a semi-truck. This is especially true if you regularly drive on I-71 and I-75, and even the 275 loop. Kentucky’s highways are home to some of the most highly traveled routes for Semi-Truck drivers who are driving from North to South, or vice versa, on a service route.

Semi-truck accidents can and should be avoided at all costs considering that when they do occur the damages can be severe in both personal injury and commercial damage, not to mention the quality of life after someone has sustained major injuries. According to data released by the Kentucky State Police in 2014, out of 229,508 total vehicular collisions for that year, 9,309 of those involved were trucks. While trucks accounted for only 4% of vehicles in collisions, they did account for 7% of vehicles in fatal collisions.

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration limits a truck driver to 11 hours of driving after 10 hours off-duty, but even within that time frame semi-truck drivers can become fatigued without an adequate amount of sleep. Recent studies are even showing that sleep deprivation performance is similar to being under the influence of alcohol. Semi-truck drivers who drive without enough sleep risk hurting themselves and the drivers around them.

Semi-Truck accidents are preventable, the simple fact is that they do happen. Semi-Truck accidents have the potential to ultimately paralyze an individual or worse, end in fatality, which is why it’s important to seek legal counsel in the event of an accident. The lawyers at Hendy Johnson Vaughn Emery are waiting to help you with your next case to negotiate on your behalf and ensure maximum compensation for your injuries and property damage. Please contact us today at 859-578-444 or contact us online for more information.

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