What To Do After A Serious Collision

Car Accidents | September 20, 2019

Car crashes damage more than just the vehicles involved. Serious car collisions can impact your life, health, and financial wellbeing.

If you are involved in a serious car crash, there are certain things you can do to protect yourself. Follow these tips from our team of Louisville Car Accident Lawyers to ensure the best possible outcome for your situation:

  1. Never Leave The Scene – We cannot stress the importance of stopping after a collision no matter how minor it is. It’s important to stop, get out, assess the damage and injuries and phone the proper authorities.
  2. Gather Information – Obtain names and cell numbers of any eyewitnesses as many leave the scene before police arrive or their information is never listed on police report.
  3. Call the Police – Even if there are no injuries, it’s important to have a record of the incident, especially for insurance claims. When speaking with the police, be sure to tell them as many details as possible so they can record it. Do not guess or speculate anything, keep it to the facts. It is ok to say you’re not sure about some details.Ask the police officer to find out if the driver of the other vehicle has a video camera on or installed in their vehicle, especially if it’s a commercial motor vehicle. Also see if the police officer can find out if the other driver was using their cell phone at the time of the crash (phone call, texting, looking at social media, changing music, using an app, etc.)
  4. Take Photos – Try to snap as many photos of the scene, injuries, damage etc.
  5. Exchange Information – Although the police will collect this information, it’s important you exchange the basics along with insurance information. Be sure to notify your insurance company as soon as you can.
  6. Seek Medical Attention – Many times, injuries from car accidents are not immediately apparent. It’s important to be seen by a medical professional to ensure there are no injuries to your head and spinal cord.

After a serious car crash, it is important to consult with a personal injury attorney as soon as possible. We recommend that you contact our office before negotiating with the insurance company.We know what to look for and how to work with the insurance companies to get your claims in quickly and correctly.

A serious injury can prevent you from immediately returning to work and may cause immense pain that requires substantial medical treatment. Kentucky and Ohio laws are very specific when it comes to dealing with auto accidents. Our team of attorneys has a thorough understanding of the laws and we will make sure that your medical bills are paid and that you have the income you need if you are forced to miss work. Contact us today to get started with your free case evaluation.


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