Misdiagnose & Failure to Diagnose Heart Attack Symptoms in Kentucky

Library Articles | October 20, 2017

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When Doctors Make Medical Mistakes, Turn to a Northern Kentucky Medical Malpractice Attorney

Many people suffer health conditions or die from heart disease and other medical issues every day in the United States. While some of these deaths could not be prevented by doctors, some of them could have been. Sadly, many Kentucky doctors make medical mistakes and fail to diagnose heart attacks or other conditions, causing some patients to suffer unnecessarily.
Although doctors and cardiologists have been trained to identify heart attack symptoms, not all of them recognize the symptoms of heart attacks in every case they see. When this happens, they may misdiagnose or fail to diagnose a heart attack in Kentucky.

When a Doctor Misdiagnoses or Fails to Diagnose a Heart Attack

Sometimes a person may have suffered because a doctor failed to diagnose a heart attack. When this misdiagnosis or failure to diagnose affects your quality of life or causes your loved ones to suffer as a result, you may wonder why a doctor couldn’t have prevented the suffering from occurring. If a doctor could have properly diagnosed or treated heart attack symptoms, you may not be injured or your loved one may still be with you.

Some Common Reasons Doctors Fail to Diagnose Heart Attacks:

  • Young Age – When a younger male has heart attack symptoms, many doctors misdiagnose or dismiss the symptoms because it is not common for younger males to suffer from heart attacks.
  • Female Patient – When a woman presents symptoms of a heart attack, many doctors may misdiagnose or fail to diagnose it as a heart attack because heart attacks aren’t as common in women as they are in men.
  • Atypical Symptoms – Some patients experience typical heart attack symptoms, such as chest and arm pain; however, not all patients suffer the same symptoms. When people experience atypical symptoms, like dizziness or weakness, those symptoms are usually dismissed or misdiagnosed as something else.

When doctors fail to recognize potential heart attack symptoms in a patient, the patient may not receive the critical care that is necessary to save his or her life. Because a doctor may feel like someone does not fit the general profile of a heart attack patient or the symptoms are atypical, a doctor may not conduct the necessary tests.

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