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Library Articles | October 19, 2017

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Was Your Child Burned by an Instant Noodle Soup Cup?

On a cold winter day in Kentucky, you may have warmed up a cup of instant soup for your child to eat; however, the meal soon turned into a tragic situation, as the soup caused a severe burn to your child. You are now seated in the emergency room asking yourself if you could have prevented this burn injury.

You may have never thought that giving your child a cup of instant soup would land you in the emergency room – holding your child, who is in pain.
Sadly, child soup burn injuries do not only occur in Kentucky; they take place all throughout this nation every week and are not due to the fault of the parent or child. Rather, these burn injuries have occurred due to the poor design of the instant noodle soup cup.

Instant Cup of Noodles Contribute to Overflowing Hospital Emergency Rooms

Recently, NPR reported that instant noodle soups are dangerous due to the fact that the soup is hot, sticky, and comes in a container that is lightweight, tall, and narrow, which is more likely to tip over. When soup spills out of these cups, the noodles cling to the skin and can cause 2nd degree burns on children.

As it turns out, these types of burns often result in life-long scarring and, sometimes, limited mobility. Because the noodles stay hotter longer, they can cause a deeper burn, often landing a child in a burn unit requiring surgery. A 2007 study points out that approximately 12 percent of children treated for soup-related burns require grafting.

Children’s Soup-Related Burn Injuries Could Have Been Avoided

Your child shouldn’t have had to suffer due to the poor design of the soup container. If the company would redesign their packaging, making the soup cup shorter and wider, it may help to make the base stable and less likely to tip over. Thus, soup burns would hopefully decrease. Additionally, these soups should have more warnings about burn risks, so that parents know about the dangers of instant soups.

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