Hormone Clinic Potential Dangers

Blog,Defective Drugs Issues Attorneys,Health Problems,Law Firm,Medical Malpractice | October 17, 2019

If you or someone you know has health issues due to hormone therapy treatments you need to see this video!

Clinics across the country are advertising hormone therapy as a fountain of youth, but little do recipients know there are no guidelines for “Hormone Optimization.” It is not taught in medical school, there are no residency programs or board certification for it. Clinics, including 25 Again, are experimenting with hormone therapies to treat both men and women, even if their hormone levels are normal. The dangers of these treatments can be deadly and include side effects like heart attack and stroke.

A six-month CBS News investigation uncovered hidden dangers associated with the treatment centers. Emergency rooms nearby to these hormone clinics have been experiencing an influx of patients experiencing dangerously high testosterone levels. These high levels are causing serious complications, including heart muscle damage, increased risk of heart attack, stroke and even unexpected deaths in patients who were otherwise healthy. Chief medical correspondent Dr. Jon LaPook joins CBSN to discuss his findings.

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