Holding Drug Companies Liable

Library Articles | October 20, 2017

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Defective Products in Covington May Require Help from a Northern Kentucky Defective Products Attorney

When you are prescribed a medication by a doctor and a pharmacist fills the prescription, you may not think twice about the safety of the drug. You may trust that the doctor knew what he was doing and that the pharmacist filled the prescription correctly. But what happens when the problem isn’t visible? What if the drugs are defective and the medicine causes dangerous side effects and health concerns?

The same can be said about purchasing an over-the-counter medication from a reputable company. Can you really trust that the product isn’t dangerous or defective?
Unfortunately, many pharmaceutical companies have been in the spotlight recently for manufacturing defective drugs. These dangerous products have resulted in harmful side effects. Sadly, consumers have ultimately paid the price.

When defective products and defective drugs in Kentucky are sold – and you have found out first hand that the drug is dangerous, or your loved one died as a result of the defective drug – you may have a product liability case against the pharmaceutical company or drug manufacturer.

If you are looking to bring a product liability claim against a company that is responsible for dangerous and defective products in Covington, Kentucky, then you should talk with a knowledgeable attorney.

How We Can Help

When defective products and drugs did not function the way they were supposed to and caused injuries to you or a loved one, the companies behind the bad drugs should be held liable for your financial damages, including medical bills, lost wages, instances of pain and suffering, and even death.

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