Fatal car accident in Louisville, KY caused by vehicle speeding

Car Accidents | April 10, 2018

Traffic laws are designed to keep vehicles under control and to keep the roads as predictable as possible. When one person disobeys these laws it begins to create an unsafe, unpredictable environment, involving extremely heavy automobiles. Accidents happen and it is not always your fault, which can be frustrating when you have followed the rules of the road yourself.

In today’s modern environment, driving is a primary way to travel for a lot of people. Whether it’s driving to school, work or just going out, it is expected to follow essential traffic laws to upkeep safety for everyone.

One accident happened last Tuesday resulting in one death and three injuries in Louisville, KY. The persons are currently unnamed. According to the Louisville Metro Police, it was a two-car crash, both having two people inside.

One car was pulling out from Flintlock Drive onto the main road, Dixie Highway. The other vehicle was driving down Dixie Highway. The first car was turning onto Dixie Hwy when it was hit by the oncoming car at Flintlock and Dixie. The intensity of the impact and the results indicate that it was caused by speeding.

The driver coming from Flintlock was declared dead at the scene. His passenger, whose condition demanded urgent care, along with the two individuals from the other vehicle were sent to University Hospital.
This fatal accident left one killed and 3 in the hospital. It may have been avoided if the speed posted had been obeyed. Unfortunately, speeding creates unpredictable roads, making it difficult to cooperate with other drivers.

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