Was Your Child’s Hemorrhage a Result of a Kentucky Birth Injury?

Library Articles | October 19, 2017

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Because a newborn’s head is the first part of the body to enter the birthing canal, it is no wonder why it is also the area that is injured the most during vaginal deliveries.

A birth brain injury in Kentucky generally occurs because of doctors pulling and tugging on the baby’s head, improper use of a vacuum extractor, or incorrect use of forceps.

An infant’s head and brain can also sustain injuries during childbirth from a lack of oxygen or blood flow to the brain. When this happens, brain hemorrhaging, which is bleeding in the brain, can take place.

Bleeding in the brain typically occurs when blood vessels within the skull rupture. This happens more in premature babies as a result of hypoxia, a lower amount of oxygen in the blood. This also occurs if there is inadequate blood flow to the brain. Bleeding around the brain generally occurs when there has been a lack of oxygen, or when the skull bones have an abnormality that resulted from a Kentucky birth injury that occurred during delivery.

There are multiple places where bleeding can occur within the skull, which includes:

  • Intraventricular hemorrhaging. This type of hemorrhaging typically affects extremely premature newborns because of their underdeveloped brain. These hemorrhages occur in the ventricles in the brain.
  • Subarachnoid hemorrhaging. These hemorrhages typically cause full-term newborns to have seizures during the first days of their lives. The hemorrhages take place below the two innermost membranes that coat the brain and are the most common type of bleeding in the skull.
  • Subdural hemorrhaging. These hemorrhages put a great amount of pressure on the surface of the brain, which causes a newborn seizures and high levels of bilirubin in the blood. Subdural hemorrhages take place between the inner layer and outer layer on the brain covering. Because childbirth techniques have been improved, these types of hemorrhages are less common.

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