Umbilical Cord Complications

Library Articles | October 19, 2017

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Umbilical Cord Complications Can Cause Life to Change in an Instant

From the moment you hear your baby’s first cry, life, as you know it changes forever.  You are now responsible for this child and must take measures to ensure his or her safety and wellbeing. For some parents, everything becomes extremely complicated, as they are forced to deal with the aftermath of a serious birth injury.

The umbilical cord, which is designed to sustain life during the baby’s development, is the very same thing that can cause the child harm.  Umbilical cord complications have been known to lead to major complications, even death.  Some of the problems associated with the umbilical cord include:

  • The umbilical cord becomes knotted
  • The umbilical cord becomes compressed
  • The baby becomes entangled in the umbilical cord
  • The umbilical cord detaches before birth

When an injury does result from an umbilical cord complication, it can be devastating.  While parents try to process what has happened, they are often left with many lingering questions.  Could this birth injury have been prevented? Did I do something wrong? Could the doctor have done more?

In some cases, birth injuries are caused by the medical staff who delivered the baby. The doctor or nurse could have done something (or not have done something) that resulted in the birth trauma.

The best way to find out what exactly caused your child’s injuries is to talk with an experienced Louisville birth injury attorney.

A lawyer will be able to review the details of your case and piece together what went wrong.  You will be advised on your legal rights and what options are available.

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