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Medical Malpractice | April 12, 2018

Medical malpractice happens in every field, but when it happens during childbirth it can be devastating to those involved. That is why a mother and son in Dayton, Ohio won their birth injury case and recently received $2.75 million.

Matthew Harrison was born at Dayton’s Miami Valley Hospital with severe head swelling, shifting of the skull bones, and a paralyzed right arm. Prior to delivery, Matthew was expected to be a healthy, normal baby, but because of medical malpractice, Matthew has to be treated for a devastating injury to nerves in his neck and spine.

Maurita Henry, the mother, went into labor and was directed to begin pushing. Dr. Andre Harris, the defendant, noticed Matthew was not responding well to the pushing and suggested another option.

Traditionally, there are two options once it is decided that pushing will not work. They will either deliver the baby with the use of a vacuum or go with a cesarean section (c-section).
Dr. Harris decided to use the vacuum extraction method, however, he failed to mention this to Maurita, the mother, before executing. On top of that, Dr. Harris also failed to abide by a common rule while using the vacuum approach. He failed to follow the 3 pop-off rule.

The 3 pop-off rule is in place to avoid neonatal trauma, or birth injury. The idea is that if the vacuum loses suction more than three times during delivery then you run the risk of birth injury. This is what happened during Matthew Harrison’s birth.

Dr. Harris ignored the 3 pop-off rule and it is recorded to have popped-off 5 separate times. Matthew Harris suffered from shoulder dystocia and this condition was mishandled by Dr. Harris when he proceeded to use the vacuum, even after it came off three times. The force of vacuum in the face of shoulder dystocia caused severe injury to Matthew’s nerves that control the use of of his upper extremities including his muscles.

Because of Dr. Harris’ medical malpractice, neglecting rules set in place, Matthew Harrison has suffered life-altering injuries. Matthew and his mother, Maurita Henry have won their $2.75 million case.

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