FDA stops the sale of highly concentrated caffeine products

Blog | May 3, 2018

For a while now, companies have been selling bulk amounts of highly concentrated caffeine to consumers in the United States with the help of the internet. These products are much more different than the coffee you would find in your local coffee shop.
Multiple deaths have been reported related to the use of these highly concentrated, pure forms of caffeine and since has risen concern from the US Food & Drug Administration. The FDA is now stopping companies from selling these dangerous, highly concentrated caffeine products.

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The companies, despite the fatal accidents related, say they do have labels declaring a specific, safe amount for consumption. However, the recommended amount is precise, small and would require a specific scale that measures in tiny amounts, which a lot of people do not own. Expecting consumers to measure out such small amounts while selling in bulk is unreasonable as well as irresponsible.

Even small amounts of caffeine can cause a person to become jittery. If a larger, unsafe dose, is consumed the person may experience irregular and erratic heartbeats leading to complications and, potentially, death. Migraine headaches as well as seizures are also possible when consuming too much of a highly concentrated pure caffeine product.

The FDA also notes that these bulk caffeine products come in different forms including liquid and powder. They go on to say these products are of high risk and could easily be overdosed, partly because they have in the past. Because the highly concentrated pure caffeine comes in liquid and powder form it can easily be mistaken for water, vinegar, sugar and flour. Consumers mistakenly using these highly concentrated caffeine powders for other household products could result in serious injury or death.
Never before has there been this many companies selling highly concentrated caffeine at the rate the internet allows. These products can have serious side effects. If you or someone you know has taken any form of highly concentrated caffeine and are experiencing any side effects please do not hesitate to ask for legal advice. Here at Schachter, Hendy, & Johnson we fight to ensure safe, reliable products for our clients. Please feel free to call us at 859-578-4444 or contact us here online.

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