Recently deceased Ohio Teen’s family storms out of meeting with Cincinnati officials.

Blog,Car Accidents | April 25, 2018

Last week, 16 year old Kyle Plush suffocated to death while he was trapped in his 2004 Honda Odyssey. Kyle had called Cincinnati’s 911 two separate times giving his exact location, yet, failed to receive rescue from Cincinnati police.
Apparently, the first time Kyle dialed 911 the operator claimed she could not understand him. Later, she told officials that sometimes it is hard to hear cell-phones.
It was the second 911 phone call that Kyle made that should have resolved the issues, keeping in mind that dialing 911 just once should be enough. However, Amber Smith, the second operator failed to relay information about Kyle’s location to the two police officers who answered the dispatch order.

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The two officers were reported to have checked five separate parking lots in about 11 minutes claiming there was no real emergency. After of about 11 minutes of investigation they decided the investigation was over and were ready for the next order. One officer has already apologized to the family.
Now that the incident is over, it is under some heavy investigation. The family of Kyle Plush attended a meeting with Cincinnati officials to try to understand and resolve what went wrong that terrible day.

While at the meeting, attempting to resolve what had happened, councilman Wendell Young had given a short speech that upset the Plush family deeply. It may also have offended plenty of Cincinnatians. Part of the speech included Young saying there was never going to be enough money to make the Plush family happy. Ron Plush, Kyle’s father, interrupted the councilman to say that it was not about money.
Young’s insensitive statements had caused Kyle’s uncle to reply with, “You guys were doing wonderful ‘til this guy started talking. You’ve crossed the line. You have crossed the line.”
A death in the family takes a huge toll. Claiming a family is looking to profit off of their dead son is disgusting. Young has since apologized for his remarks, however, during the meeting the Plush family had walked out affirming that what Young said was out of place.

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