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Kentucky – A “No-Fault State”: A guide for understanding No-Fault Insurance

Blog,Library Articles,Resources | April 25, 2023

If you live in the State of Kentucky, when purchasing auto insurance, you might have heard your insurance agent/company mention that Kentucky is a “No-Fault State.”  The following states are considered to be “no-fault” states: Florida Hawaii Kansas Kentucky Massachusetts Michigan Minnesota New Jersey New York North Dakota Pennsylvania Utah To live in a no-fault…

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Kentucky Window Tint Laws

Resources,Uncategorized | February 23, 2023

Kentucky has a large number of laws, rules and regulations that concern motor vehicle equipment. Owning a motor vehicle does not mean a person has free reign to modify it or decorate it however he or she sees fit. For safety reasons, motor vehicles must adhere to certain standards, including regulations for window tinting. Window…

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