A 2018 guide for car accident victims

Blog,Car Accidents | May 24, 2018


A 2018 guide for car accident victims

The Law Offices of Schachter, Hendy & Johnson believe it is necessary to inform the general public on what to do in case of a car accident. Our Louisville car accident lawyers have developed a 2018 guideline that maps out exactly what to do if you are involved in a collision with another vehicle.

Our firm is dedicated to providing honest answers to real world questions. Please enjoy an in-depth guide on what you should do in case of a car accident.

Call the Police Immediately

The police are there to get the facts. Regardless of your claim, a police report is a credible source that is used as a reference if a lawsuit is filed. Be sure to ask the responding officer for a copy of the Police Report.

What if i hit something else besides another vehicle?

Car accidents that do not involve two vehicles still need to be reported to the police. Hitting roadside objects and fleeing the scene is considered hit and run. One story of a man in Virginia describes four accounts of hit and run to stationary objects.
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Do not leave the scene of a car accident

It is very important in the case of a car accident that you stay at the scene of the crash. Not doing so can have serious consequences.
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What happens if I flee the scene?

If you flee the scene of a crash you are putting the health of the parties involved at risk. This is considered a hit and run which can result in criminal penalties.

What happens if I am a victim of a hit and run driver?

Immediately write down their license plate number. Then, focus on the make and model of the other vehicle. Write down your location and the time before looking around for any eye-witnesses to interview.

How do I search for eyewitnesses?

Look around for anyone that may have seen the accident. Ask them if they mind being contacted later to testify what happened and then retrieve their phone number or other contact information.

Medical Attention

If anyone is seriously injured, call 911. Do not establish any sort of Physical contact with the injured person. Await medical professionals and relay information about the incident so that they can act accordingly.

What if I have non-urgent injuries from the crash?

Take note of any pain or injury you experience. Document any medical expenses such as:
-Doctor visits
-prescribed medications
-Air Care
-Time away from work

Exchange Information

It is vital that you document specific information for everyone involved in an accident. Follow Schachter, Hendy & Johnson’s checklist to ensure you collect all the necessary information.

SHJ’s Car Accident Information checklist:

-Collect the names of everyone involved

-Grab each person’s contact information


-Driver’s license numbers

-Vehicle plate numbers

-Vehicle’s Year, Make, & Model

-Damage sustained by all vehicles

Collecting this information is crucial when considering Legal Action.

Take Pictures

It’s extremely important to document the entire incident so that nothing is left to question. Taking pictures is a great way to document the scene of a car accident because most cell phones have features that record the date & time each photo was taken. You’ll also want to make sure that your location is turned on so that when photos are taken, the smart-phone records the exact location.

What should I take pictures of?

Take a snapshot of the damages done to each vehicle. Try to get as many different angles as possible. More pictures are better than less. Take some pictures of the road in either direction to help get a better sense of the scene.

Do Not Admit Fault

Use caution while talking to the other driver, or other parties cooperating at the scene of the Car Accident. While you may wish to say “sorry” it can be seen as admitting fault. Consult with an attorney to avoid misrepresenting your involvement in a car wreck.

Being in a car crash can be an overwhelming experience. What you say to the other driver and the police can impact how liability is viewed. Hiring an attorney greatly increases your ability to prove liability and increases the chances of a higher settlement value.
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